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Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

Currently, the majority of homeowners and builder like better fiber cement cladding or siding than the other types of siding. For homeowners, it can be quite confusing choosing the right siding for a home with the various types of siding available in the market and different tones and shades. Perhaps one of the avenues in the construction of your house that will need a lot of money is the outside of your house hence you need to get siding that will be aesthetically appealing and efficient as well. Fiber cement siding will give all the above and at the same time offer any home outstanding curb appeal. There is a lot a homeowner can benefit from fiber cement kidding part from great home curb appeal. Beneath are some outstanding avails of using fiber cement siding.

The key benefit of using fiber cement cladding is perhaps the ability of it to mimic the traditional wood siding material but at the same time have a lower cost of maintenance than the wood-based siding. You are able to have a wood-like look and evade all the regular and tedious upkeep processes required for when using wood-made cladding. When you use wood for sidings, definitely you will need paint jobs and to stain them every so often depending on the elements of weather. Fiber cement will not bother you with a lot of maintenance as you may stay for even ten years or more without upkeeps like painting. Moreover, when you compare the fiber cement siding to the vinyl cladding, the earlier tends to retain its shape and color longer than the later.

The other problem when using wood-based cladding materials is that they are prone to destruction by pest which increases the cost of maintenance and also increases the risk of pest infestation.Cement board cladding are preferred over wood cladding as they are resistant to vermin, hence you will not be concerned about your siding being infested with termites, rats or even woodpeckers. The fiber cement cladding will keep off the pest from accessing your home hence you don’t have to think of pesticides or using pest control services.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about rotting or flaking of the siding material when using the fiber cement especially if you live in salty or high humidity environment. While fiber cement siding is not totally resistant to water, you will experience much less moisture related complications as you would when using wood-based cladding material. You should consider using fiber cement cladding as they are fireproof. You are protected from the fast spreading of flame as it holds class 1 rating when it comes to fire protection.

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