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The Most Popular Designs of Bridges

Different types of bridges exist in various parts of the world, and most of them serve a common purpose of connecting places. A bridge makes it easy to traverse a landscape that was impassable initially and it also significantly reduces traveling distances. For example, wherever there is a valley, a bridge can be constructed across to join the lands. Bridges are not just beautiful, but they impact positively on peoples lives. If you do not have an idea, then continue reading to learn more about various bridges available and other vital info.

The arch-shaped bridge design. As their name suggests, these bridges are curved like an arch. The arch-shaped bridges are found in most places in the world, and they have been in existence since the ancient days. Despite being popular in the ancient days, they are still useful in the modern world because they are simple to construct. Nowadays, steel and concrete are used for constructing arch bridges, and that is a departure from the past when stones were the main construction materials.

The cable-stayed bridge design. This is an outstanding design, and apart from performing its purpose, it adds beauty to the environment. It is a superstructure that gets the attention of people. Cables attached to towers support the bridge. The cables hold the roadway as if it is hanging and attach to the towers for support. This bridge uses fan and harp cables for support.

The utility bridge design. If you have ever heard about temporary bridges, then the utility bridge is one of them. It is designed for use in a situation where there is ongoing work at a place that is not easily accessible. They come in handy when undertaking a task in places that are not easily reachable. If you want to learn a lot of info concerning utility bridge design, you can access vital details on a website that focuses on it.

The suspension bridge design. This is like a hanging bridge, and they attract a lot of attention in places they are. They seem quite simple, but a lot of engineering goes into constructing them. When there is a long distance between lands to be linked, a suspension bridge is the most appropriate. The roadway is supported by cables, ropes or chains and then linked to a supporting tower at the center which holds the weight of the bridge and distributes it evenly.

The beam bridge design. The beam bridge is not as complicated as other designs seem to be. It is a straight bridge constructed using beams. In the past, wooden beams were used to make it, but nowadays, steel beams and concrete are the main components.

The pontoon bridge design. Have you ever heard about a floating bridge? It floats on water with the help of boats or floats. These bridges are light duty, and pedestrians and small traffic usually use them.