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What to Look for In a Fleet Tracking Dash Cam

Unlike in the past, nowadays, vehicle owners are using tracking dashboard cameras to keep track of their fleet. One of the challenges most companies experience involves choosing the best dashboard cameras for their fleet of vehicles. The following are the guide to choosing the right fleet tracking dash cam.

When searching for a dashboard camera, you need to look for those that have tracking abilities. When it comes to choosing the correct dash cam provider, ensure that it has an established track record if developing GPS solutions. It is always a good idea to consider selecting GPS dash cam producers who will offer excellent services and support throughout your contract. A dash cam offering integrated vehicle tracking will provide real-time location data ensuring you are addressing all workforce management needs on one platform with one monthly cost. Unlike in the past where companies used to incur lots of costs in keeping track of their vehicles from a number of platforms, with the GPS dash cam, the cost is greatly lowered as companies can monitors their vehicles on a single platform.

Ensure that the dash cam you install in your fleet provide high-quality pictures and videos. With a good quality, you will get high definition videos evidences. The best quality cameras to choose are those with at least 1920 x 1080p video recording quality as they will guarantee clear and sharp images.

In addition, companies need to also pay attention to the speed of internet connectivity of the fleet tracking dash cams they want to buy. At times, companies may be tempted to install dash cams that record to an SD card; however, such cams are not the best since the data in them can be deleted by the drivers. When looking for fleet tracking dash cam ,you need to look for those with 3G or 4G internet connectivity since they automatically send the footage recorded by the cameras to the admin portals for review. The ability of the cams to send videos instantly ensures that the footage is completely tamper-proof and allows for poor driver behavior instances to be identified such as dangerous, reckless or fatigued driving.

Furthermore, companies need to look for cams that offer paperless vehicle tracking options. As the legislation governing fleets, companies need to ensure they are operating well-maintained, roadworthy and safe vehicles at all times. One of the ways of ensuring that your fleet is compliant to the set regulations is by using paperless vehicle checks. The beauty about the paperless vehicle checks is that they are cost-effective in that fleet companies will not have to meet additional costs as the fleet can be monitored from one source. It is advisable for fleet companies to observe the tips discussed in this post as they will guide them in getting the best fleet tracking dash cams.
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